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September: Mother's Surprise!

September 23rd, 2017, was the day we had to lie to our mother. We organized a pre-birthday for her. Everything was a surprise. We held a secret meeting a week before the event. 

Venue: rented Chillspace Party House at Setia Alam.

Hilma to book her schedule: invited her for lunch somewhere to ensure that she doesn't have any other plans that weekend. 

Maya and I:  packed her suitcase for the sleepover.

Everyone else pretended we were busy with our lives. 
My family had to be in Perak for a course.
Hilda gave excuse that Mara had a project to complete.
Imaya and Afiq fetched Hijaz and Faizah supposedly to go look for computers.
Hijaz told our mother that he had to catch the flight early to Penang. They secretly got their luggages in Afiq's car that morning.

Party preparation:
Saturday, Tea Time:
Hilda: ordered sandwiches from Healthy Bites.
Me: made coffee
Imaya: bought birthday cake. Cheesecake from Secret Recipe.
Everybody brought tupperware and cutlery.

Saturday, Recreation Activity:

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