Fasting in Syaaban and nasi beriani gam for a week

Well, the past 2 weeks I had to fast. 8 days. Due to last minute fasting, I had to go all out meaning 4 days a week. Usually I'll do that every time I feel like fasting because it's not easy to start. Since I've fasted the first day, might as well go on til Thursday.

Again, due to last minute fasting, there were several activities and visits that I had to undergo. Really a temptation. On a Monday, I was forced to buy a farewell gift for one of our retiree. We went to Royal Selangor Showroom. And next to Tumasek Pewter.

After that, (actually not at all to my surprise), they insist on having lunch and eating nasi beriani gam. I shrug and said, go ahead, please 'tapau' for me, eh. The smell was so tempting that I could hear my stomach growl.

I had it for dinner that night. I ate it with the special nasi ayam my mother made especially for me. Thank you, Mama.

The nasi beriani gam was nice. A day before, my BIL invited us to have dinner at Periok, Sungai Buloh (Nasi Beriani Gam). He just got back from Thailand after 2 weeks, so I believe he sure misses Malaysian food so much.

Next. Ona the Tuesday, I also ate nasi beriani gam. I don't where it came from. Oh, yeah, I think that was the Periok nasi they 'tapau' for us.

Next. On a Thursday, someone from my office treated us Nasi Beriani Gam. I said, "No fair! I'm fasting today. Can't it be some other day." He answered, they 'tapau'. We'll give you one to break your fast later today."

That was 3 days of Nasi Beriani Gam. Luckily I didn't put on weight.


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